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Hey yall!

I wanted to test the microphone out so I made this quick test app! Reminds me of a toy I used to have when I was little...

It's been updated and become a bit more complex than it was on launch, so bear with me.

In general when working with the tapes:

Press "B" to begin recording.
Press "A" to begin looping. Note that when looping, it takes a moment to begin playback, as the tracks wait to be synchronized with the primary track.

Various settings can be accessed using "Up" and "Down". These include:
SPD: Change the playback speed (and pitch) of the sample.
BGN: Change the offset from the beginning to start the sample.
LEN: Change the length of the sample.
VOL: Change the volume.

These settings are separate across tapes.

There are 5 tapes total. Use "Left" and "Right" to access the separate tapes. The app starts you on a tape with a star in the upper left. This is the primary tape. All other tapes are trimmed to the length of this tape, and when looping, when this tape restarts all the other tapes are triggered to restart in sync (note that the other tapes can still be up to 30 seconds, they just wait to loop to be synchronized). Also, when trimming this tape, it causes all tapes to restart.

When recording, if recording to the primary tape, recording begins immediately after pressing "B". However, when recording to any of the other tapes, the recording waits until the next time the primary track loops (whether or not its playing). This makes it easy to lay down a drum line on the primary tape, and then sample other tracks over it, using the primary track to keep the beat.

There are some bizarre audio artifacts. I'm not sure if this is a mistake on my end or a quirk of the playdate recording and playing audio at the same time. Re-recording the track will fix it.

It might be a good idea to mute other tracks while sampling new tracks when working without headphones, to avoid echoes.

The source can be found here.

There are 30 seconds of recording time. Hope you have fun!


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This is really excellent. I love it.

Thank you so much!

Oh man this is inspiring! Your plans to add additional tracks can really open up some musical potential for this. Reminds me of making tracks of found-sounds while I'm out and about with the PO-33 sampler.

Best of luck with this! It's already pretty fun to mess around with the playback speed 

Thx! Some of the design decisions are definitely inspired by my PO-33 :D