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You're Gonna Die: Pocket edition is a remake of a short project I made during late August of 2021. The game attempts to explore the meaning of death and life. In this remake, I've tried to make the game more engaging, and less depressing.

Just bump into things to interact with them, or collect them.

Thx to NaOH for finding some unsolid tiles! Check out the Pulp to Lua converter they were working on when they found those bugs here.

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GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsCasual, Exploration, Pixel Art, Playdate, Singleplayer, Top-Down


Youre-Gonna-Die-Pocket-Edition_20220516193913.zip 76 kB
You're Gonna Die_ Pocket Edition.json 163 kB

Install instructions

Contained in the ZIP is the .pdx for running on the Playdate. As of yet, most people don't have access to a playdate, so you'll probably have to run it through the Playdate simulator.


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Really enjoyed the writing and overall message of this game. I was hoping you'd have the original still posted to Itch so I could see the differences (I saw you scaled back on how depressing it was). I love games that pick at existential dread and I can estimate on how the original would have went.

Loved the character animation and the world -- although returning to the crystals kinda sucked to do but I could see it fitting the theme and it did add an element of slow burn buildup. 

Thanks for making this!

Hey hey, thanks for playing! The original isn't really a fun game lol. I made it when I was figuring some stuff out about what I wanted my life to be, and how to find meaning. I never put it on itch, but it is up on my website :D
Thanks again so much for playing!!! Seeing someone else play through one of my projects is kinda mind blowing.