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This is Jim in the Box!

It a simple Playdate based party game for you to show your friends the wonders of the Playdate (and its crank!) Just take turns rotating the crank. Whoever Jim pops out on is out! Keep going until one player is left!

Code is located here.


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This is my favorite game yet! Please consider randomizing the pop-out part? It seems to always come out at the end of the song, and it would make for more fun and chaos to at least have a mode where it could pop at anytime.

Hey! it was random but the variation was very low. I've changed it a bit, so now it can go a lot shorter, and a lot longer! Lemme know what you think!


Hey there, excited to try this out! :) Just letting you know, this doesn't seem to work via sideloading using play.date's online sideloader. It says "pdxinfo is missing bundleID." I think it may be the same issue that was discussed in the comments of this tetris game, but I'm not sure: https://thacuber.itch.io/tetris-for-playdate.


Thx for the heads up! I'm waiting for my unit to ship, so help like this is very appreciated. I'll be uploading a version that should work later today! I'll reply when its up!

Alright, the new version should be up! Let me know if it works, my Playdate isn't arriving till sometime next week!
(I also changed the sfx, and replaced the cover image!)

Still throwing an error on the Playdate website.

Update your pdxinfo file to just this:

description=A game to show your friends how much fun the Playdate is!

I was able to get it to side load by making that change.

However when running the game on my device, I see an error message "Update Needed - The game must be updated to run on the current system version"


The rest of the pdxinfo is generated automatically by the compiler, and it won't run in the simulator without the additional lines, which concerns me. My playdate arrives Monday, so I can begin testing myself. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Got my playdate, the new zip should be patched to sideload easily